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Subject: The Family Business Chapter 1This story is pure fiction as is all the characters in it. In no way is it
to reflect on anyone living or dead.However I do whole heartedly believe that puberty day and family nudism
should be practiced in all homes. Though maybe not the way depicted in this
story.There are many good reasons for practicing home nudism, not the least of
which to show kids that people are people no matter their age, size or
physical flaws.Nudist children do better in school and are least likely to get in trouble
with the law, smoke, drink or do drugs. They tend to be just happier people
all around.Nudist parents know when the important times take place in their children's
lives and secrets are practically non-existent.This story contains graphic descriptions of whole family incest gay, bi and
straight among children and children with adults. Oh yeah and masturbation
and exhibitionism.You must be of legal age in your area to read this story.The Family BusinessChapter 1Happy Puberty Day!There are events in every person's life that are cause for calibration such
as births, birthdays, graduations, weddings, pregnancies and so on.For our family puberty was just as momentous as any of those. Every kid
gets excited when they first discover that he or she has started growing
pubic hair and their body starts "The change". It means they are one step
closer to adulthood.Our parents were as loving as any parents could be and were sympathetic to
our needs in every way. They were also very liberal. Puberty IS an
important time in a kids life and my parents could never understand how
most parents have no idea when their kids start it.Our family consisted of my dad Thom. He's a hell of a guy. He has a hard
job as a local truck driver in Miami. He delivers air freight from the
airport and back.He has a very strict rule that he lives by and that is "You work to live
and not live to work." any problems he has at work stays at work and the
same held for his home life.I used to go with him to work and ride along in the truck sometimes during
the summer. Hell I ever got to ride in the Bat-mobile once when he had to
deliver it. (The old one from the 60's TV show.) We had a wonderful time
and I little girl loloita pussy love my dad very much.My mother Chestin (Norwegian for Christine) was a RN and midwife. She was a
traveling nurse that made home visits for outpatients. She mostly took care
of cancer patients who had IV's. She would also make sure they had clean
dressings and were taking their medications as prescribed. Sometimes she
had to be a counselor and friend to them.I was never allowed to go to work with her, but one time I had broken my
leg and mom happened to be in the pediatrics ward because one of her
patients had a relapse. Of course she came to see me too, but she was on
duty.I watched her go into the nine-year-old boy's room and sit by his bed. I
got up and on my crutches I went to the room across the hall and watched
her as she ran her hands through his hair.Nurses aren't supposed to get attached to a patient, but as I watched her I
wondered about that rule. The boy looked so sick and helpless that even I
wanted to sit vigil at his bedside to comfort him.My mom stopped and stood up, kissed him on the forehead, but before she
could turn nude lolita schoolgirl galleries and leave he opened his eyes and said. "Please don't stop. That
felt good."I saw a tear fall from her cheek and she smiled and said. "You had me
worried young man." Then she sat back down and continued to play with his
beautiful black hair.(Brrr... Shake it off.)I am the oldest of a set of quadruplets. My name is Alex. I... We are
thirty-five now, but at the time of importance to this story we had just
turned eleven.Allen is my brother. Actually he is my identical twin in that we came from
the same egg. We both have absolutely straight dark brown hair. I mean
there is now way to comb our hair in any other way than straight down. We
have the same baby blue lolita preteen nude art eyes and thick eyebrows and lashes.We have a mild case of rosacea, a skin condition where your cheeks appear
red or rosy. It got worse in our teens before it went away, but I guess
people liked it because everyone commented how cute we looked and would
always pinch our cheeks.Our sisters are Alexis and Allyson . (Our parents were lazy in naming us.)
They were identical twins as well, but didn't look much like me and my
brother.They had darker blue eyes preteen lolita cartoon art
and blonde wavy hair. The ironic thing about them
was, as we grew up they added redness to their cheeks with makeup and we
wanted nothing more than for our redness to go away.They could be real bitches sometimes, but in all honesty my brother and I
could be real assholes for the most part though we got along well enough.I wouldn't say that we were nudists growing up. We just never had rules as
to the amount of dress we happen to have on. At any time you might find any
one of us in various stages of un-dress from naked, to underwear, in a robe
open or closed or shorts it just didn't matter. Eventually though we went
nude more teens preteens lolitas pics than clothed.The only time we had to be dressed at home was when we ate and it didn't
have to be much as long as we were sanitary. A loose fitting T-shirt was
sufficient unless we were eating outside zeps preteen lolita bbs and then nudity was acceptable.We had been to nudist beaches and a couple camps, but they all seemed to be
a little too stuck up and strict for our parents tastes.They had rules such as you had to keep a towel handy to cover up erections
and such, but we were taught that erections were just natures way of making
sure everything worked properly and they were nothing to be ashamed
of. Hell we even masturbated openly and it could be anywhere in our house
we happen to feel the need.Masturbating was also thought of as a natural bodily function. It's meant
to ease tension and frustration. It's just as important as going to the
bathroom, eating, sleeping, drinking and so on.The only doors in our house that ever really got closed were the outside
doors and the bathroom doors and we only closed the bathroom doors to save
everyone from having to smell your... Well, you know.Therefore we have all seen our parents fucking many, many times. In fact
they even did it openly in the living room, kitchen, family room and even
sometimes if the urge hit on the table while we ate. We would just move our
plates aside to give them room and continued eating as they fucked.We were also a touchy feely family. There was never embarrassment when it
came to a hug or kiss from any one of us to any one of us and that included
male/male or female/female. In fact it was a rule that we all had to hug
and kiss each other to wish us all a good day before leaving the house for
school or work. Don't get the wrong idea. It wasn't meant to be a sexual
thing, just love.One day while my brother and I were watching an I Dream Of Genie re-run and
playing with each other's dicks as we tended to do, mom was called in a
panic by my sisters and ran upstairs to see what was wrong.Dad was sitting in his chair one third watching the show on TV, one third
watching us boys start to masturbate each other faster and stronger and one
third looking over his shoulder at the stairs wondering what was going on
with the girls.It took a while, but mom finally came back down and I heard her tell my dad
that they had started their periods.It had to be the biggest of all coincidences in the world, but just as she
said that my brother and I each let out an uncontrollable grunt and a
couple drops of clear liquid dribbled out of our dicks. It didn't shoot out
it just dripped a little bit around our thumbs.Mom and dad looked at each other and jokingly screamed. cgi imgboard jpg loli
"PUBERTY! AHHH!""This calls for a calibration." Dad said.Thus a new family tradition started that caries on to this day. When a
child in the family hits puberty we have a puberty party. It's much like a
birthday party with a cake and presents and ours was held a couple weeks
after that day because dad had to go to Chicago. Our grandpa (his dad) had
a stroke.It hurt my dad a lot, but he had no choice but to place my grandpa in a
nursing home. Grandma had already died before we were even born.Even though there loli nymph portal bbs
were no other guests at our puberty party it was great!
It was a pool party. Pooling isn't just swimming in the pool. It's sun
bathing, running around, volleyball, Slip & Slide or whatever.Mom and dad were up and down all afternoon from chair to grill cooking
steaks as us kids were playing Twister and just generally goofing off
together and having a ball.The warm sun has a way of working its magic on a young boy so my brother
and I were at full mast and throbbing. As I said, erections were pretty
much expected and ignored in our family."Come and eat!" Mom yelled.We were actually more horney than hungry, but anything past masturbation
was never attempted prior to that day.I noticed that we all groaned in disappointment at having to quit the game
to eat even though our stomachs were growling, but we all reluctantly broke
apart and went to the table.While we ate mom said. "Looks like you kids were having a lot of fun.""Yeah we were." We all acknowledged."Why don't you guys join us?" Alexis asked.Mom and dad always tried to show us some attention in play so they looked
at each other and shouted, "Greased pig rules!" and laughed."What's that?" I asked."It's how we played Twister when we were dating." Mom answered with a
giggle."Finish eating." Dad said, got up and tossed his paper plate in the trash
can and then went in the house.We all finished eating and helped mom clean up. Then we went to the Twister
mat and waited for mom and dad to join us.Moments later they came back outside with dad holding a large jar of
Vaseline.(?)He opened the jar and got a hand full of the goop. He grabbed Alexis and
started to smear it all over her body."Ewe!" She complained as she felt how slippery it was.I saw dad even slip his fingers in her ass and cunt as he greased her down
leaving no dry spot on her except her face.Mom took up some and as he was doing Alexis, she grabbed me, but before I
could protest she started slicking me down. I thought it felt weird, but
kinda cool.She did the zeps preteen lolita bbs same as dad and greased my dick, balls and ass. She even took a
second dip in the jar and slicked my ass crack more and even slipped a
finger in my ass hole momentarily.After all of us were well greased dad took more Vaseline in hand and
started sloshing up the game mat. "Be careful." He said. "I don't want any
broken bones."(No comment. ::Blush::)At first loli nymph portal bbs
we had a hard time learning how to stay in one place, but we soon
got the hang of it. It was like we were learning to ice skate.I quickly discovered that by rubbing my dick on someone (anyone) it felt
really wonderful. Especially all greased up like that and I soon was mock
humping whom ever happened to be under me at the time.I also soon discovered (by experience) that my brother and dad had the same
impulse I had. I often felt a stiff dick humping someplace on my body. Or I
witnessed them doing it to each other, the girls or even mom.At one point my sister Allyson was saw-horsed backwards with hands and feet
spread out on their designated colors and I was above her with my hands and
feet taking up the colors in the same rows. Dad was above both of us and
behind me. He then slipped, falling on me causing me to fall on Allyson.My dick was as hard as a rock at the time and I was once again in such a
position where my dick could cop a quick hump on her slippery skin. The
only thing different this time was my dick was nestled between her upper
thighs and the head of my dick had somehow slipped loli nymph portal bbs
between her pussy lips
just a little bit.We all were laughing and carrying on as if it were just an accident, but
suddenly I was very content, even with my dad grinding on me from behind
just as I was doing to my sister. She quickly gave me a look of shock, but
just as quickly pretended not to notice.At the time I didn't know how big my dick was in inches, but it reached my
belly button when hard and I had even been goofing off with my brother once
in a contest to see if we could suck our own preteen lolitas pics toplist
dicks. We each were able to
touch them with our lips even though we had no hair at all yet.Dad was grinding my ass with his big dick and while doing so forced me
forward more into her pussy. I was just as shocked as her and didn't know
what to do.I was nested nicely inside her, but only to a point were I felt some
pressure on the head of my dick.We continued to laugh, but now our laughter was more labored to make it
look like we were laughing, but I was in another place and time. I think so
were my sister and dad.I looked around me and saw Allen's lags on either side of Allyson's
head. My mom was sitting by the mat resting and spinning the arrow. I
couldn't see Alexis at all.By the rules we should have gotten up, but were just laying there and
enjoying the feel of each other's slippery bodies.I felt my dad's dick slide down my ass crack one more time and then nestle
at my pucker. I grunted in pain over the slight nude young teen lolitas intrusion as he thrust
forward, but his doing that made me thrust forward and at that very second
my sister gasped and I had broken through her hymen. I was then fully
imbedded inside her.Out of fright I tried to pull out, but in doing so my dad was able to push
more inside me. I felt full and it hurt, but my dick felt something else on
my attempt to exit.Instinctively I thrust back in Allyson and my dad was doing the same. The
laughter had ended now and we were just grunting lolita preteen girl models in pain and pleasure.Allen and Alexis just looked on in disbelief as they watched my dad fuck my
ass and me fuck Allyson in the pussy.I thought that mom would have put a stop to it all, but instead she stood
up and lead Alexis by hand to Allen and guide them to stand face to face.I watched in awe as she guided their arms into an embrace and then gently
pushed their heads together to kiss.Dad started to fuck me in earnest thus causing me to fuck Allyson in
earnest while I watched my mom take hold of Allen's dick and gently guide
it to Alexis's bald cunt as they stood kissing.She reached behind their asses and pushed the two together, backed off then
in a rhythm taught them how to fuck.After they seemed to have the knack of it and Alexis's hymen was broken mom
helped them lie down next to us so Alexis was on her back and Allen was
over her.I felt dad gaining momentum and start to pummel me. I also felt his dick
start to gain girth and pulsate as my ass cheeks were pushed apart even
further if that were at all possible.It was a magical and mystical moment when his dick finally hit my prostate
in just the right way to send me into my own spasms of climax. "Arrr!" I
screamed in pleasure as I came in my sisters cunt. She was breathing heavy,
but I was never sure if she actually came. I like to think I made her cum,
but who knows?I knew when my dad came though because he became a wild man on me. He was
thrusting and thrashing around and eventually after I was spent it hurt me
so bad I started to cry and that's when he got off me and let his dick flop
out my abused hole.I laid there with my dick still imbedded in my sister while it deflated. We
basically just watched Allen and Alexis fucking for a while and then they
grunted their signal that they were done and then laid just like Allyson
and I were in a heap panting while mom came by masturbation."Well," Dad said with pride and clapped his hands together licking his
lips. "Time for cake and presents."We all giggled and started to get up, but... You guessed it. That's when I
slipped and my ass landed on my ankle under me and I broke my leg.We all actually heard it crack. The strange thing is that it didn't even
hurt all that much at first. It was after I tried to get up again that I
discovered the pain. "Ahhhhh!"
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